Viewing modes

In ViewMol3D you can move molecule to near and far.

To move molecule near press key '1' and to move far press key '2'.

ViewMol3D can display molecule in normal or perspective view. You can switch the viewing modes by pressing key '3'.

If your computer too slow or you view big molecule you can view only bonds without atoms by pressing key '4'.

If you however want to look atoms you can view atoms as polyhedron by pressing key '5'. This is very speed up molecule rotation.

Also you can view instead of cylinder bonds line bond by by pressing key '6'.

The view of vectors of frequencies can be carried out by pressing the key '9'. For detailed description of this mode look IR-vectors displaying.

To view gradient vectors press the key '0'.

As well as you can combine different modes of viewing.

Some examples of viewing modes:

Aspirin in normal view
Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin) molecule ball-and-stick view
Aspirin in perspective view
Perspective view
Caffeine molecule ball-and-stick view
Colored bonds
Bonds only
Colored bonds only

For more examples visit the Gallery.

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