Software/Hardware Requirements

A minimal requirement is Pentium II/Celeron

Your system should have at least 32 Mb RAM.

ViewMol3D supports video displays which are compatible with Microsoft Windows. A Super VGA card capable of displaying at least 256 colors simultaneously is strongly recommended. The use of an OpenGL hardware accelerated video card is recommended. In order to achieve hardware accelerated 3-D rendering, your video board must have an "OpenGL ICD" type video driver, and may need to be set to a particular video mode.

A keyboard compatible with Microsoft Windows is strongly recommended.

A mouse compatible with Microsoft Windows is recommended.

Operating System.
The ViewMol3D program requires at least Windows 95 or Windows NT version 4.0 or higher. Also is required OpenGL DLL's: opengl32.dll and glu32.dll. They is part of Windows 95 OSR2 and latest versions.


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