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Using the Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard is the main tool used to communicate with ViewMol3D.
To work with the ViewMol3D you can use following keys.

Arrows keys is used to rotate the molecule model.

Enter key is used to represent the molecule in CPK model.

Other keys are described in viewing modes page.

Mouse in the ViewMol3D can be used for the molecule rotation. For this just hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor to a new position in the workspace, then release the button. To translate the molecule press Shift in addition and move the cursor.

You can do measurement of the molecule by using mouse. By the left mouse button select atoms. After selection, press 'l' to get bond length, press 'a' to get bonds angle and press 'd' to get dihedral angle. By pressing the right mouse key you can get all this values in Z-Matrix format.


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