My programs

KSS work screen - kinetic curves of complex reaction.

KSS - Kinetic System Solver - Program for simulation
the complex chemical reaction mechanisms (Pascal/C)

Min_s work screen - optimization process in progress.

MIN_S - MINimization Solver - Program
for solving the inverse kinetic problem
by optimization of the kinetic parameters (Pascal/C)

BZPhase work screen - chaos attractor of BZ reaction.

BZPhase - Program for building
and visualization of the 3D/4D phase portraits
of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction (C/OpenGL)

Bifurcation diagram of BZ reaction calculated by NoFad and BZ15Exp programs

Phase Portrait of Fractal Tore Birth calculated by BZ15Exp

NoFad and BZ15Exp - Programs for numerical
investigation of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction models: searching of stationary points, determination of its stability
and type of bifurcations, building Poincare sections and bifurcation diagrams, etc. (Fortran 90)

Model of reaction Ph2COO + Ph2COO

ViewMol3D - Program for 3D visualization of molecules from GAMESS, Gaussian and MOPAC output files, XYZ and Alchemy files (C++/OpenGL)

Me3N molecule with oscillation vectors

Logo screen of Kinka

Kinka - Program for kinetic
data processing (Pascal)

Logo screen of Flashka

Flashka - Program for flash photolysis
data processing (Pascal)

OFP Program screen

OFP - Program for calculation of
relative phase permeability on the base
of nonstationary experiment data (Delphi/Fortran)

Zem program screen

Zem - Program for calculation of
sludging conditions in oil wells (Delphi)